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NON LIMIT package house bay - € 60,-

Seahorses, anemones, small rays and cuttlefish are waiting to be discovered by you.

From early in the morning to late in the evening, you can go exploring as often as you like.

Whether for photo hunting or simply for practicing.



  • House bay – Seahorse
  • San Giovanni – Flabellina
  • Banjole – Flabellina

Granted, they are also cute. But they are so small that they are usually overlooked. In most cases, only well-trained divers can see even the smallest sea creatures through their diving masks. After a detailed biology breefing, you will go looking for them with us and learn how to find them!

After two days of seahorses and flabellinas, you’ll definitely be a repeat offender and will soon be back on the “hunt”.

Catshark package - € 168,-

  • 1 hour theory cat sharks (biology, breeding, etc.)
  • 3 deep dives – guided
  • Definitely a “HAI – light”

Which diver can claim to have seen sharks in the Mediterranean Ocean?

You probably will soon. One of the projects close to our hearts is the breeding of catshark eggs. You will visit our “shark egg habitat” and explore the surrounding islands with our guides to find their hiding places.Dives to which you will dedicate a special place in your logbook.

Wracktour - € 220,-

  • Baron Gautsch
  • Hans Schmidt / Istra
  • Giuseppe Dezza

The wrecks of the Adriatic sea are definitely something for the experienced divers among us. We reach them in a maximum of 40 minutes.

A great wish of many of our guests is to see the wreck “Baron Gautsch”. Its design is reminiscent of the Titanic, so you feel like you’re traveling back in time on this dive. All our wrecks are at a maximum depth of 40m and can therefore be reached by recreational divers in no-decompression time.

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